Dynamic FNOL and automated coverage checking

Experience a measurable reduction in your process costs. Eliminate leakage and use our anti-fraud tools.

Including easy handling of the products (including previous generations) and a scalable solution for major events.

  • Use Yarowa's end-to-end solution to convert your AVBs into digital processable data blocks.
  • Once you have created your data blocks, use them as often as you like in ongoing business and also for backtests.
  • Use your data blocks in performance, A/B and other analyzes for process optimization. All this continuously, reproducibly and quickly!
  • Receive immediate information about the coverage check with detailed information on the form of acceptance or reason for rejection. This opens up opportunities for you Upsales in customer conversations.
  • Yarowa is plug and play and, as a “white label”, fits seamlessly into your process environment.
  • Find the right craftsmen and service providers to handle your process quickly and easily on the Yarowa marketplace.
  • As a client, use Yarowa's extensive service provider and process management tools
  • Offer your customers an extended service range, especially in the event of major loss events, with the help of our self-services.

Yarowa solutions integrate flexibly into your process environment

Accelerate your case processing with smart contracts!

The product composer

Automate the material coverage check with smart contracts and use them to convert written contract texts into repeatedly applicable data modules.

The creation of a smart contract is based on a general terms and conditions (delivered as a PDF). Thanks to the Product Composer, you can create yours quickly and easily after a short training period own product generations. The effort required to create it is unique. And the result can then be applied as often and automatically to different FNOLs as desired - in ongoing business as well as in the back test.

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The context-specific dispatcher of the smart contract

Once created, when running an FNOL, the smart contract only displays the questions that are relevant to assessing the respective reported damage.

The answers to the questions displayed can be entered by an insurance employee, by partners or by the customer themselves. A smart contract, once created, is Can be used as often as you like on FNOLs.

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An immediate result of the coverage check

Immediately after completing the smart contract, the result of the coverage check shows an initial detailed overview of what is covered and what is not, including a Listing with the detailed amount per damaged item.

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Plug & Play with integrated tools

In addition to end-to-end processing, the platform supports first-class tools from our partners.

  • Damage detection using 3D models, with video support and image recognition
  • Calculation of settlement costs for motor vehicle, property or goods damage
  • Automated offer and invoice verification
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The Swiss solution in service provider and order management for insurance companies!

The advantages of using Yarowa have been regularly checked and confirmed:
Up to 40% reduction in total process costs / An average of 10% reduction in claims payments / Very high customer satisfaction (today 8.8 out of 10 points)

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Yarowa Services: This is how it works

How to efficiently manage your service providers and transactions with Yarowa?

Craftsmen and service provider profiles on the Yarowa marketplace

Service providers create a profile for all their locations. Profiles consist of, among other things, the following important master data.

  • The locations, address and contact details
  • The services offered
  • The regional coverage by area
  • The prices per service and per client
  • Opening hours, accessibility and certifications
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Service provider and process management for clients

As the client, you determine the rules that should be applied when selecting service providers and automating process steps. These rules are very determining granular when and under what circumstances a service provider is made available for selection on the marketplace. This includes, among others, the following points:

  • The segmentation of service providers
  • The regulations for finding service providers
  • The regulations for notifications
  • The automation of process steps
  • Data collection for reporting and analysis
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Customer self-service

In order to open a self-service, the client first of all determines which service providers he would like to make available to the customer.

The customer then receives a notification with the self-service link. This link takes the customer to the service provider selection and can make his selection here.

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Main processes for automation with Yarowa

  • Coverage verification and triage
  • Collection and calculation of damage costs
  • Inquiries and commissioning of service providers
  • Offer and invoice verification
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Yarowa services integrate seamlessly into existing processes

Use automation and digitalization to strengthen your business area!

Complete end-to-end process integration

Yarowa offers consistent coverage for all relevant processes.

The process steps can be carried out by clients, partners and the customer themselves.

  • Tendering and awarding of contracts
  • Receiving and accepting orders
  • Scheduling and arranging appointments
  • Order management and completion
  • Processing and checking of invoices and offers
  • Notifications and litigation

Service providers

Only trusted service providers who have been nominated by a Yarowa Business Partner are given access to the platform and can then offer their services on the Offer marketplace.

  • Craftsman
  • Auto repair shops
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Receipt checker
  • Flexible expansion to include new trades

Intelligent data collection and analysis

The platform offers real-time reports for clients and service providers. Benchmarks are also offered.

  • Effectiveness of policy wording and claims guidelines
  • Benchmarking of contract texts and claims settlement guidelines
  • Master data of all service providers
  • Status and development of orders per service provider (quantity, performance, etc.)
  • Performance between contracted providers
  • Performance of the commissioned providers compared to all service providers on the platform
  • And much more
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Flexible integration into ERP and claims systems

From light to full integration

We are an official partner of companies like Guidewire and Sapiens.

  • No additional user interface (UI) for users
  • Combined solution with the client's UI and Yarowa
  • Working on the Yarowa UI
  • Use our integration gateway
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Your data and security are key

We implement the highest organizational and IT security standards.

  • ISO 27001 Information Security
  • ISO 9001 quality management
  • Regular IT security assessments
  • Secure login and access
  • Protected data transmission
  • Secure data storage
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With Yarowa’s modular solution you can increase your process potential

Yarowa offers “white label” solutions with a focus on seamless integration into any management system


  • Process management

  • Order management

  • Service provider selection

  • Service provider management


  • Invoice process

  • Order Types

  • Damage report

  • Quotation process

  • Onboarding of service providers

  • Organizational structure and role profiles

  • Order release


  • Process communication

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Attractive cost structure



  • Flexible integration

  • Future-proof solution

  • Compliance

  • White label


Yarowa is used throughout Europe

A selection of our customers

https://www.axa.ch/ https://www.generali.ch/ https://www.helvetia.com/corporate/web/de/home.html https://www.allianz.ch/ https://www.wincasa.ch/ https://www.baloise.ch/ https://www.helsana.ch/ https://www.bgv.de/privatkunden/index.xhtml https://www.vaudoise.ch/de https://postcompanycars.post.ch/de https://www.carvolution.com/ https://www.sanitas.com/de/ https://www.oekk.ch/ https://www.europ-assistance.ch/ch-de https://niederer.com/de/

Continuously tested and confirmed

Yarowa solutions have won many awards and meet the highest quality standards

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