Vendor and order management for property managers

Benefits, proven & measured

  • Decrease of maintenance and repair costs
  • Transparency on progress
  • Digital collaboration for property managers, vendors and tenants
  • Improvement of compliance and ESG levels
  • Integrated in existing system landscape
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This is how it works

Manage your vendors and transactions

Vendor profiles

Vendors create a profile for all of their locations. Profiles consist of the following important information.

  • Locations
  • Services offered
  • Servicing areas
  • Prices per service and per principal
  • Other important information
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Vendor & process management by the principal

Principals define the rules to be applied for vendor selection and automation.

  • Vendor segmentation
  • Vendor search rules
  • Notification rules
  • Automation of process steps
  • Reporting & analytics
  • and much more
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Customer self-service

Principals can give customers the opportunity to choose their vendor.

The principal has full self serve control over the prioritisation of the vendors available for selection by customers, with the ability to prioritise customer satisfaction, cost, distance and vendor segmentation as examples.

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Main processes for automation

  • Cover assessment & triage
  • Calculation of costs to settle damage claims
  • Mandating of vendors
  • Bill checking
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End-to-end process

All the relevant processes are covered end-to-end.

Process steps can be conducted by the principal or by partners, but also serve by the customer.

  • Send order request
  • Accept order request
  • Setting an appointment
  • Close the order
  • Bill handling & checking
  • any many more processes

Data & analytics

Real-time reporting for principals and vendors, combined with benchmarks to increase value.

  • Overall data for all vendors
  • Order status & development per vendor
  • Performance comparison between vendors
  • Performance of mandated vendors vs. overall vendor performance
  • and much more
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Integration with ERP or claims system

From light to full integration

  • No additional user interface (UI) for users
  • Combined solution with the UI from principal and Yarowa
  • Working on the Yarowa UI
  • Using our integration gateway

We are official partner of companies like Allthings or Immomio.

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Data & security are key

We implement the highest organisational and technical security standards.

  • ISO 27001 Information Security certified
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management certified
  • Regular IT security assessments
  • Secure login & access
  • Secure data transfer
  • Secure data storage
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Our certificates, partnerships & awards

The quality of our solutions is proven

Certificate Attesta Iso 9001 Certificate Attesta Iso 27001 Certificate Asskuranz 2022 1-Rang Certificate Digitaler Leuchtturm 2022 Guidewire Sapiens Allthings Immomio