Offer your services on our digital service provider portal

Process your orders, offers and invoices on Yarowa's user-friendly interface.

Get more orders by participating in the Yarowa marketplace and benefit from over 100 clients and major customers.

  • Experience simplification in order administration thanks to Yarowa's high user-friendliness!
  • Take advantage of regular training and support to be able to use Yarowa optimally and effectively!
  • Offer your services to an ever-growing group of interested parties on the marketplace!
  • Increase your order volume with orders from more than 100 clients and major customers today!
  • Experience transparent order processing and communication with everyone involved!
  • Reduce your accounting effort with the integrated quotation and invoicing functions!
  • Don't miss a beat with the step-by-step process!
  • Find all information and documents for an order in one place!

Yarowa enables fast and efficient digital service processing

Increase your order book with orders directly from the Yarowa service provider and craftsman marketplace

Experience greater reach in advertising your services

Use Yarowa's service provider and craftsman marketplace to effectively increase your reach and therefore more orders!

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Offer your services automatically

Put together your service catalog and benefit from the increased visibility on the Yarowa marketplace, which now has more than 100 clients and major customers.

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Reduzieren Sie ihren Aufwand Dank dem geführten Prozessmanagement

Das Prozessmanagement von Yarowa unterstützt Sie in der Abwicklung ihres Auftrags, führt durch die einzelnen Schritte und unterstützt Sie bei der Koordination und Rechnungsstellung.

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Yarowa offers order-based billing

When you register on Yarowa, you define which orders you would like to accept and at what price. By registering, you do not enter into a long-term commitment and you are billed for each order received. You can find all the details on our onboarding page.

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With Yarowa's modular solution you can increase your administrative potential

Yarowa offers “white label” solutions with a focus on seamless integration into any management system


  • Process management

  • Order management

  • Service provider selection

  • Service provider management


  • Invoice process

  • Order Types

  • Damage report

  • Quotation process

  • Onboarding of service providers

  • Organizational structure and role profiles

  • Order release


  • Process communication

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Attractive cost structure



  • Flexible integration

  • Future-proof solution

  • Compliance

  • White label


Yarowa in action

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Yarowa solutions have won many awards and meet the highest quality standards

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