The SaaS solution for optimal service provider and order management

Increase your operating profit with seamless “white label” integrations from Yarowa into your management solution.

Use the Yarowa modular solution in the background of your software and expand your administration potential without additional costs.

  • Integrate Yarowa as a “white label” into your existing system landscapes!
  • Order directly from your tenant app, ERP or ticket system!
  • Increase satisfaction with consistent process transparency!
  • Use Yarowa's comprehensive reporting for analyzes and benchmarks for cost optimization!
  • Increase your process efficiency with integrated compliance and ESG implementation and reporting!
  • Integrate Yarowa into your process solution strategy as a complete package or as a partial set!
  • Reduce your efforts and automate collaboration processes!
  • Use the completely end-to-end digitalized processes for obtaining offers, awarding orders and invoicing!

Seamless integration into your ERP and IT environment

Yarowa is revolutionizing order management and service provider management

Rapid adaptation and market launch

Develop and deploy business applications faster than ever before. Connect internal applications to share data in real time and automate the menial tasks so no human ever has to deal with them again.

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Immediately available state-of-the-art solution

Use Yarowa's "white label" solutions to expand your portfolio and save yourself your own development costs. Increase the sales potential of your system by using market-ready end-to-end solutions from the Yarowa modular system.

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Cloud Native

Deliver applications to end customers in the cloud: out-of-the-box, fully secured, multi-tenant, and available on any web browser or mobile device with no additional effort. All you need is an internet connection.

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With Yarowa's modular solution you can increase your administrative potential

Yarowa offers “white label” solutions with a focus on seamless integration into any management system


  • Process management

  • Order management

  • Service provider selection

  • Service provider management


  • Invoice process

  • Order Types

  • Damage report

  • Quotation process

  • Onboarding of service providers

  • Organizational structure and role profiles

  • Order release


  • Process communication

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Attractive cost structure



  • Flexible integration

  • Future-proof solution

  • Compliance

  • White label


Yarowa in action

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